ANN ARBOR - University of Michigan Library 24

Date 1291-1325
Origin Konstantinoupolis < Turkey
Comment Kavrus-Hoffmann - Alvarez (2021: 59-60): "Five anonymous scribes executed the manuscript. The scribes employed small-sized cursive and apparently received the same calligraphic training. Scribe I wrote fol. 1r–v (pl. 55); his script is somewhat similar to that of Georgios Galesiotes, a well-known Constantinopolitan calligrapher (ca. 1278–1357). Scribe II wrote fols. 2r–56r (pl. 56). Scribe III wrote fols. 56v–112v. Scribe IV wrote fols. 113r–144v (pl. 57); his hand is neat and more calligraphic than the other four and similar to that of an anonymous scribe in Vat. gr. 228 (fols. 288v–305v), BAV, Vatican City. Scribe V wrote fols. 146r–173v (end)."

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