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Anonymous (episkopos of Radoviš)
Date 12th c.
Origin Messina < Sicily < Southern Italy < Italy
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 40403
Comment De Andrés (1987: 532): 'Saec. XII med-ex. (...) cum 574 imaginibus colore depictis illustratum'.
De Andrés (1987: 534): 'Escrito, según N. G. Wilson, probablemente en Palermo hacia 1158 para los Reyes Normandos, por dos manos contemporáneas'.

See Tsamakda (2000: 148-149) and (2002: 16-19) for the location of the production of the manuscript as Messina.
Tsamakda (2002: 16-19) also discusses at length the dating issue for this manuscript, and concludes: "The dating proposals range from the first to the last quarter of the twelfth century".

Lauxtermann (2003: 312-314): "The illuminated Skylitzes manuscript in Madrid, Vitr. 26–2 (M), copied in Palermo in the mid-twelfth century, contains eleven historical poems: M 1–11. These poems were written by the main scribe in the margin of the manuscript next to relevant miniatures after these had already been executed. (...) The question is, did the Palermitan scribe of M find the poems in the exemplar of Skylitzes he was copying or did he obtain these poems from a different source? Since at least one of the poems is a direct commentary on the miniature next to it (see below), it is beyond any doubt that the poem was composed by the scribe of the Madrid manuscript himself (for the miniatures, whatever their origin, were first and the poems were only added later). And if the scribe added this poem as his own contribution, it is reasonable to conjecture that he is also responsible for adding the other poems to the Chronicle of Skylitzes. In other words, the scribe of M did not find these poems in the Skylitzes exemplar he was copying, but got them from another source, probably some sort of anthology. (...) M presents the following poems in the margin of the manuscript: (M 1–3) monodies on Leo VI, (M 4) a monody on Constantine VII by Symeon the Metaphrast, (M 5) a satirical poem on Theophano, (M 6) the epitaph to Nikephoros Phokas, (M 7–9) other epitaphs to Phokas, (M 10) a poem on Tzimiskes and (M 11) an epitaph to a certain Bardas."

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