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Δαυίδου μελέων μὲν ἐπαύσατο θεσπεσίη φρὴν
παιδὸς Ἰεσσαίου ἐξ ὀλιγοδρανίης.
Ἄσαφος δ’ ἀνόρουσε καὶ ἴαχε πνεύματι θείῳ
ἑβδομάτης δεκάδος δεύτερον ὕμνον ἱείς.
Text source A. Ludwich, 1912, Apolinarii metaphrasis psalmorum, Leipzig: 146
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Critical text
Metre(s) Elegiacs
Translation(s) The divinely inspired mind of David’s melodies ceased,
Jesse’s son born in his weakness.
But Asaf leapt and resounded with the divine Spirit,
delivering the seventy-second hymn.
R. Ricceri 2021, The Byzantine Reception of the Metaphrasis Psalmorum: Paratextuality and Visual Representation, in R. Ceulemans, B. Crostini Lappin (eds.), Receptions of the Bible in Byzantium. Texts, Manuscripts, and their Readers, Uppsala, 259-275: 269
Comment The two hexameters (v. 1 and v. 3) appear as a metrical title to Psalm 77 in the 14th century-Psalter Athos, Mone Iberon 1384 (cf. type 4294).
Number of verses 4
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Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 131: "Inscriptio in Apolinarii metaphrasin Psalmi 72"
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