Type 30530

ᾍδην πατήσας Χριστὸς ἠγέρθη τάφου
καὶ τὴν πεσοῦσαν ἐξανέστησε φύσιν.
Title(s) In Christi resurrectionem
Text source DBBE (based on occurrence ἁδην πατήσας χ(ριστὸ)ς ἠγέρθη τάφου)
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Not a critical text
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Comment The epigram is a variant of a distichon attributed to Georgios Pisides: 'Ἅιδην πατήσας ἐξανέστης τοῦ τάφου | καὶ τὴν πεσοῦσαν ἐξανέστησας φύσιν.' (Sternbach 1892: 58, LVIII).

Note that the Vassis ICB 2005 identification linked in this entry refers to Pisides' epigram and is provided for context.
Number of verses 2
Occurrence(s) [30529] ἁδην πατήσας χ(ριστὸ)ς ἠγέρθη τάφου [1030]
TBILISI - Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts - A 648 [1030] ()
(2 verses)
Related type(s) [2783] Ἅιδην νεκρώσας καὶ κενώσας τοὺς τάφους (2 verses) (Variant (other wordings))

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Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 11: "In Christi resurrectionem"
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Last modified: 2022-10-06.