TBILISI - Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts - A 648

Zacharias (11th c.) - PMBZ: 30652: "Personenkennziffer: 28497"
Date 1030
Origin Konstantinoupolis < Turkey
Comment As this is a Georgian manuscript (with Greek paratexts), there is no Diktyon number available.

According to Žordanija (1902: 132-133), the manuscript consisted of 144 pages [cf. Otkhmezuri, ed. (2018: 90): '72 ff.'], and was missing 402 pages (201 folia) at the time of inspection.

He claims that the manuscript has been commissioned by Zacharias, the bishop of Valashkert (Alashkert). The copy has been produced in Constantinople in 1030, 'during the reign of emperor Romanos [presumably, Romanos III Argyros - DBBE] and archbishop Alexander, by the hand of Vasilii [Otkhmezuri, ed., ibid.: 'Basili Et‛rat‛a'] (p. 144).' [i.e. f. 72 - DBBE].

Otkhmezuri, ed. (2018: 90) provides an English translation for the Georgian colophon (f. 72r):
'... Copied in the great city of C o n s t a n t i n o p l e, in New Rome... [during the time] when I was a hermit at the Monastery of P‛ i γ u r i ...'

The text is adorned with decorative multi-colored and gold leaf initials, as well as 78 miniatures, 'while more miniatures have been cut out or mutilated by ignorant people'. Žordanija provides a comprehensive miniature list, and comments briefly on the provenance from 15th century onward.
Acknowledgements Information on the manuscript courtesy of Emmanuel Van Elverdinghe.

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