Occurrence 22622
(formerly occ/6511)

Πρῶτα μὲν ἐν νεμέᾳ (...)
(...) τριςκαιδέκατος πέλειν ἆθλος
This is a partially unknown text. The numbers on the left are there for reference purposes only and do not necessarily correspond with the actual verse number.
Type(s) [3450] Πρῶτα μὲν ἐν Νεμέῃ βριαρὸν κατέπεφνε λέοντα (14 verses)
Text source Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, 1889, Catalogus codicum graecorum qui in bibliotheca urbica vratislaviensi adservantur a philologis vratislaviensibus compositus civitatis vratislaviensis sumbtibus impressus, Vratislaviae: 47
Text status Text partially unknown
Date 1488
Manuscript WROCLAW - Biblioteka Uniwersytecka, Oddział Rękopisów - Rehdinger 35 [1488]
Place in Manuscript f. 214v-215r
Nikolaos Passera (15th c.)
Contextual information The epigram is written at the end of 'Hesiodi Scutum Herculis'.
Metre(s) Dactylic hexameter
Genre(s) Text-related epigram
Number of verses 3
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