Type 3628
(formerly typ/1730)

Κινῶν ὁ Δαυὶδ ἐμμελῶς τὴν κινύραν
τὸ τὸν Σαοὺλ ἔφευγε πνεῦμα συστρέφον·
ᾄδοντες ἡμεῖς ψαλμικωτάτους λόγους
ἐχθρῶν νοητῶν συμπατοῦμεν τὰς κάρας.
Καὶ τῷ τάδε γράψαντι τῶν ὀφλημάτων
λύσιν παράσχου, δημιουργὲ τῶν ὅλων.
Text source G. Parpulov, 2014, Toward a History of Byzantine Psalters, Plovdiv: 221
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Critical text
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Translation(s) Partial translation (vv. 1-4):
But David, stirring melodiously his lyre, escaped the demon torturing Saul. We, singing the lofty phrases of the Psalms, trample the heads of the enemies within our minds.
Language: English
E. De Wald, 1942, The Illustrations in the Manuscripts of the Septuagint. Psalms and Odes. Part Two: Vaticanus graecus 752 (vol. 3.2), Princeton: xii
Comment Text of Parpulov (2014: 221) modified by DBBE.
Number of verses 6
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