Type 30049

Ὅρα τὸ λῆμμα τοῦ σοφοῦ βασιλέως,
Ἀλεξίου μοι τοῦ φιλευσεβεστάτου.
Title(s) Marginalium in panopliam dogmaticam
Text source G. Parpulov 2017, Six Scribes of the Early Comnenian Period, Revista de Estudios Bizantinos, 5, 91-107: 97
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Not a critical text
Georgios Pamphilos (12th c.) - VGH: 82.G - PBW: Georgios/20243/ - RGK: - PBE: - PLP: - PMBZ:
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Subject(s) Alexios I Komnenos (1057 - 15/08/1118) - PBW: Alexios/1/ - RGK: - VGH: - PBE: - PLP: - PMBZ:
Tag(s) Dedication
Comment Parpulov (2017: 97, note 22): '<...> written in Pamphilus' hand (I have resolved the abbreviations without parentheses and introduced modern punctuation)'.
Number of verses 2
Occurrence(s) [30047] Ὅρα τὸ λῆμμα τοῦ σοφοῦ βασιλέως [12th c.]
ATHOS - Mone Batopediou 162 [12th-14th c.] (f. 150r)
(2 verses)

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