Type 2318
(formerly typ/373)

Σιμιχίδα Θεόκριτε, σοφῶν ὀΐων ποιμάντορ
καὶ τοκάδων αἰγῶν αἰπόλε μηκάδων,
τὰς Ἑλικωνίτιδες βοτάναι θρέψαν καλλίστως·
οὐ περὶ μάνδραν ἔδυν τεήν, ἀλλὰ σποράδας
ἐξ ὀρέων συνέλεξα καὶ ἐς μίαν ἤγαγον μάνδραν
βωκολικὰς Μοίσας, αἳ γέννημα σέθεν.
οὐ πλειόνων δ’ ἐπέτυχον, ἐπεί γε μόλις καὶ τῶνδε.
Text source C. Wendel, 1914, Scholia in Theocritum vetera, Leipzig: 333
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Critical text
Genre(s) Author-related epigram
Metre(s) Elegiacs
Comment Edition by Wendel, based on the following codices:
U = Vaticanus gr. 1825
E =Vaticanus gr. 42
A = Ambrosianus 390 (G 32 sup.)
G = Laurentianus XXXII 52
P = Laurentianus XXXII 37

The metre is problematic.
Number of verses 7

The credits system has been implemented in 2019. Credits from before the new system was in use might be incomplete.

Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 673: "In Theocritum"
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Last modified: 2021-03-04.