Corinna of Tanagra < Boeotia < Central Greece < Greece (6th c. BC - 5th c. BC)

Name Corinna of Tanagra < Boeotia < Central Greece < Greece
Date 6th c. BC - 5th c. BC
As Subject:
[26551] τάσδε θεογλώσσους ἑλικὼν ἔθρεψε γυναῖκ(ας) [1446-1455]
As Subject:
[7112] Τάσδε θεογλώσσους Ἑλικὼν ἔθρεψε γυναῖκας
Bibliography The Oxford Classical Dictionary (last accessed: 2019-07-03).
Comment Oxford Classical Dictionary: "Her traditional date has been contested. No Alexandrian scholar studied her work, and the earliest references to her belong to the 1st cent. bce (Anth. Pal. 9. 26; Prop. 2. 3. 21); the papyrus fragments consistently reflect the Boeotian orthography of the late 3rd cent. bce; her metre shows some affinities with Attic drama and her simple style is unlike that of Archaic choral poetry; the papyrus presents sporadic Atticisms."
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