Occurrence 22749
(formerly occ/6637)

Στίχοι τῆς αὐτῆς ἡμέρας
Ἥλων λέλυται σαρκίον ζωηφόρον,
ἥλων ἀφεῖται τραυμάτων πεπληγμένων.
ὢ πῶς ἀφηλῶν χεῖρας αὐτὰς καὶ πόδας
ὁ Νικόδημος ὠχριᾶται καὶ τρέμει,
ὢ πῶς Ἰωσὴφ παρθένῳ συνδακρύει.
ἔμπνους ὁ νεκρός ἐστι, μὴ στέναζέ μοι·
σοφίζεται γὰρ τὸν σοφιστὴν πανσόφως,
ὅπως ἀφαρπάσειε τοὺς κρατουμένους
καὶ τὸν κρατοῦντα ταρτάρῳ <ἐν> τῷ σκότει
καὶ τὴν (...)
Type(s) [5525] Ἥλων λέλυται σαρκίον ζωηφόρον (10 verses)
Text source H. Hunger 1982, Gregorios von Korinth Epigramme auf die Feste des Dodekaorton, Analecta Bollandiana, 100, 637-651: 643
Text status Text completely known
Date 1251-1300
Manuscript VIENNA - Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) - theol. gr. 128 [1251-1300]
Place in Manuscript f. 75v
Contextual information The epigram is written at the bottom of the folio that contains the beginning of Gregorios Pardos' Commentary on the Canon on Holy Saturday by Kosmas the Melodist, Mark of Otranto and Kassia. It is the seventh in a series of twelve such epigrams.
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Text-related epigram
Comment Hunger's apparatus:
9 una syllaba deficit; ἐν e.g. suppl.
Number of verses 10

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