Occurrence 22156
(formerly occ/6035)

ἴαμβος εἰς ὑποτακτικὸν
Δεῦρ’ ἐλθέ, πύκτα, δεῦρό μοι, στῆθι ζέων·
τοὺς αὐχένας σου κλῖνον εὐεπηκόως,
ὅλως ταπεινὸς νεκρὸς ὢν ἐν τῷ θέλειν,
πᾶν ἐνθύμημα φανερῶν τῆς καρδίας·
ὡς ἂν τελείως ἐμμένῃς τῷ σταδίῳ,
μή σ’ ἐκφοβείτω μήτ’ ἔρημος μὴ στύλος,
μήτ’ ἄλλο τάγμα τῶν θεοδρόμων βίων·
προὔχεις ἁπάντων, ὡς θεογράφως ἔχει·
τοῦ μαρτύρων πρώτου γὰρ ὁδὸν ἀνύεις.
Type(s) [5311] Δεῦρ’ ἐλθέ, πύκτα, δεῦρό μοι, στῆθι ζέων· (9 verses)
Text source
Text status Text completely known
Date 1286
Manuscript VIENNA - Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) - theol. gr. 318 [1286]
Place in Manuscript f. 289r
Nikephoros (13th c.) - VGH: 342.B - PLP: VIII.20310 (anagnostes, tachygraphos)
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Reader-related epigram
Comment The text is written by Theodore the Studite, Epigram 5 (ed. Speck) with some verbal alterations made by the scribe Nikephoros. On this see Trapp (1990:270).
Number of verses 9

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