Occurrence 22007
(formerly occ/5872)

Type(s) [5206] Ἡ λίθος ἔστ' ἀμέθυστος, ἐγὼ δ' ὁ πότης Διόνυσος (2 verses)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 1401-1450
Manuscript MUNICH - Bayerische Staatsbibliothek - gr. 157 [1401-1450]
Place in Manuscript f. 167v
Isidoros (1380-1390 - 1463) - RGK: I.155, II.205, III.258 - PLP: IV.8300
Palaeographical information Written in one line.
Contextual information The epigram is written in a colophon after two dodecasyllabic epigrams and before a dodecasyllabic monostich devoted to Heliodorus' Aethiopica.
Metre(s) Elegiacs
Genre(s) Text-related epigram
Comment Bianchi (2011: 54-59) has demonstrated how this distich refers to the content of the Aethiopica as well as to the novel by Nicetas Eugenianus, so that he proposes the latter as the responsible for the insertion of this poem in the manuscript.

The epigram has been edited by Dindorf (1863b:164) as part of the scholia to Euripides Orestes in the following form:
Ἡ λίθος ἔστ’ ἀμέθυστος· ἐγὼ δ’ ὁ πότης Διόνυσος.
ἢ πιθέτω νήφειν, ἢ μαθέτω μεθύειν.
Image source(s) http://daten.digitale-sammlungen.de/bsb00034261/image_348
Number of verses 2

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