Occurrence 21375
(formerly occ/5183)

Type(s) [7292] Ἰδὼν ὁ Παῦλος ὅνπερ ἐπόθει λίαν (7 verses)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 15th c.
Manuscript MOSCOW - Gosudarstvennyj Istoričeskij Musej (GIM) - Mus. Sobr. 3648 [13th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 255v
Gregorios (15th c.) - RGK: - VGH: - PBE: - PBW: - PLP: - PMBZ: (monachos)
Palaeographical information The manuscript dates to the thirteenth century, this epigram is written by a later, fifteenth-century hand.
Contextual information The epigram accompanies a miniature of Peter and Paul in embrace. The verses are followed by the scribal words 'τὸ μὲν σχῆμα μοναχός, τὰ δὲ ἔργα ἀσθενεῖ καὶ σαθρά'.
Comment Four dodecasyllables are followed by three politikoi stichoi.
Number of verses 7
Related occurrence(s) [19608] Ποθῶν ὀ Πέτρος τὴν σευασμί(αν) θέαν [15th c.]
MODENA - Biblioteca Estense Universitaria α. M. 9. 09 (Puntoni 2; olim II A 2) [15th c.] (f. 2r)
(4 verses) (2/7)

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