Occurrence 20151
(formerly occ/3792)

Type(s) [4069] Ταύτην γέγραφεν τήνδε βίβλον, ὦ φίλος (13 verses)
Text source A. Džurova, P. Canart, 2011, Le rayonnement de Byzance Les manuscrits grecs enluminés des Balkans (VIè-XVIIIè siècles), Catalogue d'exposition (XXIIe Congrès International d'Études Byzantines, Sofia, 22-27 août 2011, Sofia: 159
Date 1226-1275
Manuscript SOFIA - Centar I Dujcev D. gr. 340 [1226-1275]
Place in Manuscript f. 176v -- (alt.) f. 183v
Nikephoros (13th c.) - VGH: 340.H (presbyteros of Rhegion < Calabria < Southern Italy < Italy)
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Comment 1 ὦ βίβλος Papazoglou (1991:55)
6 πρoστατοῦντος Papazoglou (1991:55)
ταὐτῷ MS ταύτης cor. Canart, Dzurova
Number of verses 13

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