Occurrence 17353
(formerly occ/545)

κλίμαξ θείας ἀνόδου
κλί|μαξ | κέκλι|μαι | καὶ τέ|θημαι | τὴν | χάριν· |
τῶν | ἀζύγων | τε καὶ | θ(ε)ῶ προσ|κειμέ|νων· |
ὑφ' ἣν | δραμοῖ|εν εὐ|κταῖοι | προθυ|μία.
προ | (...)
This is a partially unknown text. The numbers on the left are there for reference purposes only and do not necessarily correspond with the actual verse number.
Type(s) [2689] Κλῖμαξ κέκλιμαι καὶ τέθειμαι τὴν χάριν (5 verses)
Text source DBBE
Text status Text partially unknown
Date 12th c.
Manuscript PARIS - Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) - Coisl. 262 [12th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 1r
Palaeographical information De Montfaucon (1715: 306): 'Fol. 1. repraesentantur scala ad coelum pertingens, cujus gradus interferuntur hi Iambi'.

Devreesse (1945: 240-241): 'L'ouvrage est précédé (f. 1) d'une κλῖμαξ peinte en diagonale, sur les échelons de laquelle se lisent plusieurs versets (...) Titres, initiales, renvois, échelles des ff. 1 et 150v en rouge'.

Martin (1954: 172): 'The lower portion of the title page is torn away. The ladder terminates at the upper right in a hand (?) grasping a two-armed cross, with the inscription ἰ(ησοῦ)ς χ(ριστὸ)ς νικᾶ. The verses are written between the rungs. Above and below the ladder is the title: κλίμαξ θείας ἀνόδου (the last two words in fragmentary form owing to the tearing of the page). The codex is dated by Bordier in the eleventh century, and, with greater probability, by Devreesse and Omont in the twelfth'.
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Image-related epigram
Comment 1 κέκλιμαι = κέκλημαι (cf. Vassis 2005: 409).
Image source(s) https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b10038093d/f4.item.zoom
Number of verses 5
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