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Nephon (13th c.)
Laurentios (13th c.) - VGH: 257.K, 257.L (monotropos of the Monastery of Saint Nicholas < Calamizzi < Rhegion < Calabria < Southern Italy < Italy)
Date 1239
Origin the Monastery of Saint John Kalybites < Caloveto < Calabria < Southern Italy < Italy
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 42294
Comment D'Aiuto (2004: 161): 'vergato in stile di Reggio'.
Turyn (1972: 12-13): 'The ms. was copied by the monk Laurentius from an exemplar belonging to the monastery of St. John Calybites (in the place now called Caloveto) near Rossano in Calabria. (...) If Laurentius already in 1239/1240 was a monk in the monastery of St. Nicholas of Calamizzi near Reggio di Calabria (...), then it makes sense that he had to make a sea voyage from Reggio around the eastern coast of Calabria up to Caloveto near Rossano for the sake of writing this ms., and he probably repeated the journey in the same way.'
Occurrences f. 122v [18509] εἰλήφει χρηστ(ὸν), ἥδε πυκτ(ὶς) τὸ τέρμα [1239]

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