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Theodoros of Kaisareia (11th c.) - RGK: I.131 - VGH: 138.E
Date 1051-1100
Origin the Monastery of Stoudios < Konstantinoupolis < Turkey
Comment The exact dating of the manuscript is debated.
Spatharakis (1976: 34): 'The portraits must therefore represent Constantine X Ducas, his wife Eudocia and one of their sons Michael or Constantine. The year of their coronation as co-emperors, 1060, must be the year of execution of the Barberini Psalter.'
Anderson - Canart - Walter (1989: 28): 'The psalter's production at the Studios in the period from around 1092 to 1095 corresponds to what we can surmise from the cycle of miniatures, the book's ornament, the imperial portrait leaf and the response of Leo of Chalcedon and other clergymen to the confiscations made during Alexius' reign.'

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