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Nikephoros III Botaneiates (1001-1081) - PBW: Nikephoros/3/
Sabbas (monachos)
Date 1076-1100
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 49223
Comment Date: later years of reign Michael Doukas (1071-1078), and/or (depending on interpretation) reign of Nikephoros Botaneiates (1078-1081).

Dumitrescu (1987: 43): 'The original owner and scribe of this manuscript was a certain John, metropolitan of Side. The manuscript would have been dedicated to the emperor, Michael VII Doukas, but it never left its book shelf because the emperor in the meantime fell into disgrace. Some years later a monk named Sabas decided to reuse the codex as an act of devotion to the new emperor, Nicephoros III Botaneiates, on the occasion of his marriage to Mary of Alania'.

Bianconi (2012: 127-170) leaves open the question of the recipient and he identifies the scribe of the manuscript with the scribe of ms. Lond. add. 11870. He doubts the opinion of Dumitrescu that John, metropolitan of Side, could be the patron of the manuscript.

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