Type 5944
(formerly typ/3938)

Τέλος σὺν Θεῶ τοῦ σωτηρίου λόγου
καὶ τοῖς ῥαθύμοις παράκλησις τῶν πόνων.
Editorial status Not a critical text
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Tag(s) Completion of the book
Number of verses 2
Occurrence(s) [23292] Τέλος σὺν Θεῶ τοῦ σωτηρίου λόγου
EL ESCORIAL - Real Biblioteca Ω.IV.8 (f. 88r)
(2 verses)
Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 721: "In fine evangelii"
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Last modified: 2019-05-16.