Type 5314
(formerly typ/3359)

Αὐτὸς ἄναξ πονέουσι τεὸν νέμε ἄμβροτον ἄλκαρ.
Text source E. Mioni, 1981, Bibliothecae Divi Marci Venetiarum codices Graeci manuscripti. Thesaurus Antiquus. Codices 1-299 (vol. 1), Rome: 410
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Not a critical text
Genre(s) Reader-related epigram
Metre(s) Dactylic hexameter
Tag(s) Prayer
Number of verses 1
Occurrence(s) [22160] Αὐτὸς ἄναξ πονέουσι τεὸν νέμε ἄμβροτον ἄλκαρ
VENICE - Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana - gr. Z. 287 (coll. 709) ((gen.) at the beginning)
(1 verse)
Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 92: "Librarii precatio"
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