Type 3386
(formerly typ/1525)

Καὶ δευτέρας δέδεξο βροντὰς ὑψόθεν
Τὰς δογματικὰς ἀστραπὰς φρίξας τέως
Βέλτιστε Κληδόνιε· καὶ γὰρ ὁ γράφων
Ἐκχεῖ μετ᾽ ἀκμῆς γνωστικὴν ἐπομβρίαν.
Editorial status Not a critical text
Genre(s) Reader-related epigram
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Tag(s) Introduction to the subject
Number of verses 4
Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 374: "Manuel Philes, In Greg. Nazianzeni epist. 102 ad Cledonium II"
Permalink https://www.dbbe.ugent.be/types/3386
Last modified: 2019-05-16.