Type 2664
(formerly typ/769)

Μαθὼν ποσάπους πρῶτον ὁ στίχας πέλει
οὕτως καλῶς ὦ ταν στίχιζε καὶ λέγε
βίβλον κασιγνήτων Ἰωάννης γράφει
τιμὴν λαχόντων τὴν παρακοιμωμένων.
Text source V. Liakou-Kropp 2010, Zu der Schreibernotiz im Codex Athina, BXM 1609, in A. Bravo García, I. Pérez Martín (eds.), The Legacy of Bernard de Montfaucon: Three Hundred Years of Studies on Greek Handwriting. Proceedings of the Seventh International Colloquium of Greek Palaeography (Madrid - Salamanca, 15-20 September 2008) (vol. 1), Turnhout, 67-74: 69
Text status Text completely known
Editorial status Not a critical text
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Critical Notes 1 πρῶτον ὁ στίχας ] πρῶτ(ος) ὁ στίχ(ος) Pallas, Euangelatou-Notara
2 οὕτως καλῶς ] οὕτ(ω) καλ(ει;) Pallas, Euangelatou-Notara
Number of verses 4
Occurrence(s) [17072] μαθὼν ποσάπους πρῶτ(ον) ὁ στίχ(ας) πέλει [1070]
ATHENS - Byzantino kai Christianiko Mouseio 1609 (K.Πρ. 214) [1070] (f. 244v)
(4 verses)
Identification Vassis ICB 2005, 442: "Librarii subscr."
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