Zacharias (11th c.)

Name Zacharias
(Self) designation καλόγηρος
Date 11th c.
Attested dates and intervals 1030
Identification PMBZ, 30652: "Personenkennziffer: 28497"
As Patron:
TBILISI - Korneli Kekelidze Georgian National Centre of Manuscripts - A 648 [1030]
As Patron:
As Subject:
[1905] Βίβλῳ γραφείσας τῇδε τὰς καθ' ἡμέραν
Comment Otkhmezuri, ed. (2018: 90): 'დამკვეთი: ზაქარია ვალაშკერტელი (10 fr, 72 fr) <...> Benefactor: Zakaria Valašk‛ert‛eli (10 fr, 72 fr)'
Žordanija (1902: 132-133): the manuscript has been commissioned by Zacharias, the bishop of Valashkert (Alashkert).

Some additional information about this person may be gleaned from Kondakov (1890: 170), who refers to an Armenian 11th c. historian mentioning that Zacharias has taken part in negotiations between Basil II and George I of Georgia during the Georgian campaign of the Byzantines.
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