Theophano of Konstantinoupolis < Turkey (10th c.)

Name Theophano of Konstantinoupolis < Turkey
(Self) designation βασιλίς
Date 10th c.
Office basilis
Identification PMBZ, 30280: "Personenkennziffer: 28125"
As Subject:
[30547] τί χάρμονὴν ἔσχηκας ἐν κ(αι)ρῶ φόνου [12th c.]
As Subject:
[30512] Τί χαρμονὴν ἔσχηκας ἐν καιρῷ φόνου
Bibliography The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium (ODB) (last accessed: 2019-06-05).
Comment Empress and wife of Romanos II and later Nikephoros Phokas. Conspired with John Tzimiskes to have Nikephoros Phokas murdered.
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