Occurrence 34638

This is a partially unknown text. The numbers on the left are there for reference purposes only and do not necessarily correspond with the actual verse number.
Type(s) [4432] Γραφῇ γραφέντα ἐκ χειρὸς δομεστίκου (2 verses)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text partially unknown
Date 1335-1336
Manuscript PARIS - Bibliothèque Nationale de France (BNF) - gr. 400 [1335-1336]
Place in Manuscript f. 156v
Georgios (14th c.)
Palaeographical information Written in the lower margin.

Lauxtermann (2021: 158): "The iota in Γεωργίου itself is no longer visible; but one can clearly distinguish a diaeresis before ου. The gamma is more questionable: its vertical stem could be an iota, but there is a horizontal stroke below the curly end of the phi of γραφῇ, which I take to be the upper part of a gamma. The rest of the text is also difficult to decipher (...)".

The four-syllable ending of the first verse, as well as the name of the scribe have almost completely been erased.
Contextual information The verses are written at the end of the encomium of St George.
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Subject(s) Georgios (14th c.)
Image source(s) https://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b10723503g/f172.item
Number of verses 2
Related occurrence(s) [20852] Γραφὴ γραφέντα ἐκ χειρὸς δομεστίκου [1440]
JERUSALEM - Patriarchike Bibliotheke - Nea Sullogê 31 [1439-1440] (f. 423v)
(2 verses) (2/2)
Acknowledgements Information on the occurrence courtesy of Krystina Kubina.


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