Occurrence 25225
(formerly occ/9250)

Τοῦ πυρὸς ὡς ἔωσεν ἄγγελος πάλαι
τοὺς παῖδας αἶνον τῷ θεῷ κεκραγότας
οὕτω καὶ νυνὶ τὸν φιλόχριστον Πόθον
ὁ Εὐγένιος, τὸ κλέος τῶν μαρτύρων,
ἡ ἀντίληψις καὶ ἀρωγὴ τῶν ὅλων·
οὗ ταῖς λιταῖς, ὕψιστε, βραβεύσοις λύσιν
τῷ καρδίᾳ γράψαντι ζειούσῃ τάδε
Type(s) [6748] Τοῦ πυρὸς ὡς ἔωσεν ἄγγελος πάλαι (7 verses)
Text source A. Papadopoulos-Kerameus, 1897, Fontes Trapezuntini I (Sbornik istochnikov po istorīi Trapezundskoĭ imperīi), Saint Petersburg: 148
Text status Text completely known
Date 15th c.
Manuscript ATHOS - Mone Dionysiou 154 [15th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 76r
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Subject(s) Eugenios of Trapezous < Turkey (saint) - RGK: - VGH: - PBE: - PBW: - PLP: - PMBZ:
Number of verses 7

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