Occurrence 23310
(formerly occ/7217)

παντός καλοῦ πρύτανις ὢν Θεοῦ λόγε,
δός μοι τὸ λεῖπον τῆσδε προσθεῖναι βίβλου.
Type(s) [5958] παντός καλοῦ πρύτανις ὢν Θεοῦ λόγε (2 verses)
Text source G. de Andrés Martínez, 1967, Catálogo de los codices griegos de la Real Biblioteca de El Escorial. Códices 421-649 (vol. 3), Madrid: 60
Text status Text completely known
Date 13th c.
Manuscript EL ESCORIAL - Real Biblioteca Ψ.III.5 [13th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 5r
Palaeographical information Written in the margin with semi-uncial letters by the main scribe of the manuscript.
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Reader-related epigram
Number of verses 2
Related occurrence(s) [24502] παντὸ(ς) καλοῦ πρύταν(ις) ὢν θ(εο)ῦ λόγε [15th c.]
ROME - Collegio Greco 7 [15th c.] (f. 1r)
(2 verses) (1/2)

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