Occurrence 22828
(formerly occ/6716)

+ δέχου τὰ μικρὰ· | χ(ριστ)έ μου ὡς μεγάλα:·
Type(s) [5577] Δέχου τὰ μικρά, Χριστέ μου, ὡς μεγάλα (1 verse)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 13th-14th c.
Manuscript CHICAGO - University Library, Joseph Regenstein Library 879 [13th-14th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 110r
Konstantinos Theologites (13th-14th c.) - PLP: IV.7516
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Text-related epigram
Subject(s) Jesus Christ (10 BC-1 BC - 30-33)
Image source(s) http://goodspeed.lib.uchicago.edu/view/index.php?doc=0879&obj=223
Number of verses 1

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