Occurrence 21921
(formerly occ/5789)

ταῦτα τὰ σημεῖα κεῖνται ἐν ταῖς τῶν ἐπιστολῶν περιοχαῖς:—
Χίλια χῖ πέλεται καὶ πῖ μέσον ἦτα φέροντος
ἥμισυ τῶν ἐφάμην, ἑκατὸν δ᾽ ἄρα ἦτα πέλοντα,
δέλτα δὲ τεμνομένοιο γραφῆς καὶ πῖ δὲ φερούσης
πεντήκοντ᾽ ἀριθμοῦ σημήϊα· καὶ δέκα δέλτα·
πέντε δὲ πῖ καθαρὸν πέλεται· καὶ ἰῶτα ἕν ἐστιν·
πεντάκι δ᾽ αὖ χίλια, τὸ πῖ μέσον ἡνικ᾽ ἔχη τὸ χῖ.
Type(s) [5150] Χίλια χῖ πέλεται καὶ πῖ μέσον ἦτα φέροντος (6 verses)
Text source J. Koder, E. Trapp 1968, Katalog der griechischen Handschriften im Staatsarchiv zu Tirana, Jahrbuch der Österreichischen Byzantinischen Gesellschaft, 17, 197-214: 204
Text status Text completely known
Date 12th c.
Manuscript TIRANA - Arkivi Qëndror i Shtetit - Fonds Kodikët e Shqipërisë 488 Dosja 17 [12th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 13r-13v
Contextual information The epigram precedes a commentary on the Acts of Apostles and a prologue on the Epistles of apostle Paul.
Metre(s) Dactylic hexameter
Number of verses 6

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