Occurrence 21571
(formerly occ/5404)

+ Τῷ τῶν ἀγαθῶν παροχεῖ Θεῷ χάρις, +
Ἑρμωνύμῳ δὲ τῷ γράψαντι δὸς, Σῶτερ,
λύτρωσιν αἰτοῦντι σοι παραπτωμάτων.
Type(s) [4909] Τῷ τῶν ἀγαθῶν παροχεῖ Θεῷ χάρις (3 verses)
Text source H. Omont 1892, Les manuscrits grecs datés des XVe et XVIe siècles de la Bibliothèque nationale et des autres bibliothèques de France, Revue des bibliothèques, 1-32 145-215: 15
Text status Text completely known
Date 1450
Manuscript PARIS - Bibliothèque Mazarine 4456 (olim 1228; Omont 7) [1450]
Place in Manuscript f. 48r
Charitonymos Hermonymos of Sparta < Laconia < Peloponnesos < Greece (15th c.) - RGK: I.380, II.523 - VGH: 426.F
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Subject(s) Jesus Christ (10 BC-1 BC - 30-33)
Number of verses 3

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