Occurrence 21048
(formerly occ/4766)

Type(s) [4559] Τυφλοῦ φιλοπάτορος ἀπολογία (1 verse)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 13th-14th c.
Manuscript MADRID - Biblioteca Nacional 4679 (olim N.49) [13th-14th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 4r
Palaeographical information Written by a later, post-1500 hand.
Contextual information Written in the right margin, accompanied by a Latin inscription in the same hand: 'Caeci parricidii sus|pecti Apologia.'
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Text-related epigram
Subject(s) Libanios (314 - 393)
Comment The manuscript contains numerous inscriptions written by the same later hand.

Considering the fact that Iriarte (1769: 164-168) does not reference any of these inscriptions, providing his own Latin translations for the Greek titles (cf. ibid., p.164, nr.4: 'Caeci Patrem amantis Apologia'), it is possible to tentatively suggest 1769 as terminus post quem for the inscriptions.

According to De Andrés Martínez (1987: 230), the subscriptions have been added by Iriarte himself, e.g.: 'F. III, portada por la pluma elegante de Iriarte;' 'Titulos latinos de la declamaciones por Iriarte.'
Image source(s) http://bdh-rd.bne.es/viewer.vm?id=0000248169&page=9
Number of verses 1

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