Occurrence 20847
(formerly occ/4549)

τέλος σὺν θ(ε)ῶ τ(ῆς) ὀκταήχου δέλτ(ου)· |
ἔγραψε δ' αὐτὴν γρηγόριος ὁ πάνυ, |
ἁμαρτωλὸς καὶ ταπεινὸς μοναχικὸν τὸ σχῆμ(α)· |
οἱ (δὲ) ἀναγινώσκοντες πάντες παρακαλεῖτε,
ὑπὲρ ἐμοῦ πρὸ(ς) | τὸν θ(εὸ)ν, ἐγὼ κ(αὶ) ὑμεῖς σωθῶμεν:
Type(s) [4430] Τέλος σὺν θεῶ τῆς ὀκταήχου δέλτου (5 verses)
Text source DBBE (Autopsy of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 1201-1225
Manuscript MILAN - Biblioteca Ambrosiana C 60 sup. [1201-1225]
Place in Manuscript f. 171r
Gregorios (1201-1250) - VGH: 94.K - RGK: - PBE: - PBW: - PLP: - PMBZ:
Palaeographical information Written in red ink.
Contextual information After the epigram it is written: 'τέλος:-'.
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Comment The epigram consists of 2 dodecasyllables, followed by 2 politikoi stichoi and another line.
Number of verses 5

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