Occurrence 20503
(formerly occ/4168)

Type(s) [4252] Γραφεὺς πενιχρὸς ἔφθασε τέλος μόλις (1 verse)
Text source DBBE (Inspection of a reproduction of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 1274
Manuscript ATHOS - Mone Megistes Lauras Λ 174 (Eustratiades 1665) [1274]
Place in Manuscript f. 204r
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Comment The verse is followed by the date.
Image source(s)
Number of verses 1
Related occurrence(s) [23815] γραφεὺς πενηχρὸς· μόλις ἥλθ(εν) | εἰς τέλως [1449]
METEORA - Mone Metamorphoseos 70 [1449] (f. 264r)
(1 verse)
Acknowledgements Inspection of the manuscript image was possible by courtesy of the 'Institut für Neutestamentliche Textforschung'.

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