Occurrence 19601
(formerly occ/3121)

+ μέλιτταν τὴν μέλιτος μελιττοτέραν, |
ἥτις γεύει μέλιττος γλυκαίου πάνυ· |
οἱ ποθοῦντες μέλιττος ἀπογευσθῆναι· |
δεῦτε προσπελάσατε τῆ μελιρρρύτω· |
ταύτην ἀναπτίξατε καὶ χορτα|σθῆτε:
Type(s) [3730] Μέλιτταν τὴν μέλιτος μελιτωτέραν (5 verses)
Text source DBBE (Autopsy of the manuscript)
Text status Text completely known
Date 15th c.
Manuscript FLORENCE - Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale - Conventi Soppressi G.II.496 (Olivieri 54) [15th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 99v
Georgios Gregoropoulos (1426-1450 - 1501) - RGK: I.58, II.78, III.98 - VGH: 72.F - PLP: II.4613 (hiereus, thytes)
Palaeographical information Written in red ink, almost completely fainted.
Contextual information Written at the end of a Florilegium, before another epigram with the name of the scribe.
Metre(s) Dodecasyllable
Genre(s) Scribe-related epigram
Number of verses 5
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