Occurrence 19228
(formerly occ/2696)

εἰς τὸν αὐτὸν τάφον
λᾶας ἐφ᾽ οὗ ποτε χριστὸς ἐνὶ γλυφίδεσσιν ἰαύσας
καὶ κύνα λυσσήεντα, τυφωέα ποσσὶ πατήσας
θῶκ(ον) ἐς ἱμερόεντα πατρώϊον ἄφθιτον ἦλθ(εν)
Type(s) [3348] Λᾶας ἐφ᾽ οὗ ποτε Χριστὸς ἐνὶ γλυφίδεσσιν ἰαύσας (3 verses)
Text source DBBE
Text status Text completely known
Date 15th c.
Manuscript FLORENCE - Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (BML) - Plut. 7, Cod. 12 [15th c.]
Place in Manuscript f. 1r
Contextual information On the same folio there is the epigram with incipit 'Ἔνθα Θεοῖο γόνος Χριστὸς μέγας ἐκτηρείσθη'.
Metre(s) Dactylic hexameter
Subject(s) Jesus Christ (10 BC-1 BC - 30-33)
Image source(s) http://teca.bmlonline.it/ImageViewer/servlet/ImageViewer?idr=TECA0000611216&keyworks=plut.07.12#page/11/mode/1up
Number of verses 3

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