LAZANIAS - Hiera Mone tes huperagias Theotokou tou Machaira 17

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Neilos (12th c. - 13th c.) (hieromonachos of the Machairas Monastery < Lazanias < Cyprus, kathegoumenos of the Machairas Monastery < Lazanias < Cyprus, ktetor of the Machairas Monastery < Lazanias < Cyprus)
Date 1201-1210
Origin the Machairas Monastery < Lazanias < Cyprus
Bibliography C. Constantinides, R. Browning, 1993, Dated Greek Manuscripts from Cyprus to the year 1570, Washington: 111-115
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 37505
Comment The manusctipt contains the Τυπικὴ Διάταξις of Neilos, founder of the monastery of Machairas in Cyprus.
Occurrences f. 81v [22016] ναοῦ τῆς μαχεράδος τἐ ἡ διαθείκη αὔτη [13th-15th c.]

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