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Nikolaos (11th c. - 12th c.) - VGH: 362.G
Date 1109
Origin Calabria < Southern Italy < Italy
Comment While Gamillscheg-Harlfinger (1981: nr. 326) and N. G. Wilson (1973: 24) identify Nikolaos καλλιγράφος, scribe of Addit. 28270, with Nikolaos φοιτητής, scribe of Oxon. Corpus Christi College 25, Lucà suggests that the aforesaid manuscripts were copied by two different scribes (Lucà 1993; Lucà 1995: 57 n.45; Lucà 2001: 135). Even though both manuscripts were copied in the so called "Rossano style", the palaeographical analysis conducted by Lucà shows that the writing of Nikolaos καλλιγράφος, generally rounded, seems more "controlled", whereas the Oxoniensis presents an exhuberant script, characterized by the frequent use of cursive letters and ligatures (Lucà 1993: 171-172). In conclusion, Lucà states that the Addit. 28270 and the Oxon. Corpus Christi College 25 were copied by two different scribes, who had the same name (Nikolaos was a recurring name in Southern Italy) and belonged to the same milieu (Lucà 1993: 171-175).
Occurrences f. 161v [19414] εὔχεσθαι τῶι γράψαντι πάν|τες ὁρῶντες [1109]

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