MOSCOW - Gosudarstvennyj Istoričeskij Musej (GIM) - Mus. Sobr. 3649

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Theodora Raoulaina Palaiologina Komnene Kantakuzene (13th-14th c.) - RGK: III.206 - VGH: 134.L - PLP: V.10943 - PBE: - PBW: - PMBZ:
Date 1251-1300
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 43621
Comment Fonkič (1974: 134-135) attributes this manuscript to Theodora Raoulaina. Zorzi (2019: 261-273) argues against this attribution, providing a comprehensive comparative analysis of the epigrams in Mosq. GIM Mus. Sobr. 3649 and Vat. gr. 1899.
Occurrences f. 1r [18567] καὶ δέλτον αὐτὴ(ν) τοῦ σοφοῦ συμπλικίου [1251-1300]

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