NEW YORK - H.P. Kraus Library olim ANDROS - Monê Hagias (Zôodochou Pêgês) 32

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Ioannes II (12th c.) - PBW: Ioannes/20350/ (archiepiskopos of Cyprus, despotes, poimen)
Manouel Hagiostefanites (12th c.) - VGH: 274.G (grapheus)
Date 1156
Origin Cyprus
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 00276
Comment The manuscript was first produced in Cyprus but had been οn the island of Andros at the community of Zoodochos Pege or Agia since at least 1748 and remained there possibly up to 1926. It was definitely in Andros in 1897 when Sp. Lampros studied the entire manuscript collection and published a year later his catalogue. In 1953, when R. P. Nowack examined the collection, MS 32 was there. The manuscript was rediscovered in 1975 in New York in the hands of a book and manuscript dealer and remains there. On this see Constantinides-Browning (1993: 86).
Occurrences f. 341r-341v [17583] Τοῦ τῆς κΰπρου μὲν ποιμένο(ς) κ(αὶ) δεσπότου [1156]

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