Book Chapter
A Dated Greek Manuscript from Cyprus of the Sixteenth Century: Oxford Lincoln College Gr. 19

Costas N. Constantinides
Book C. Dendrinos, J. Harris, E. Harvalia-Crook, J. Herrin (eds.), 2003, Porphyrogenita. Essays on the History and Literature of Byzantium and the Latin East in Honour of Julian Chrysostomides, Ashgate
Pages 493-508
Manuscript(s) [34550] OXFORD - Lincoln College 19 (bibliography)
Type(s) [34556] Πρόσταγμα πεπλήρωκα τοῦ φιλουμένου (bibliography)
Occurrence(s) [34557] Πρόσταγμα πεπλήρωκα, τοῦ φιλουμένου (bibliography)
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