Basileios (12th c.)

Name Basileios
(Self) designation
  • δοῦλος
  • μοναχός
Date 12th c.
Attested dates and intervals 01/09/1124
Office monachos
Identification VGH, 87.B
As Scribe:
SYRACUSE - Biblioteca Arcivescovile Alagoniana 3 [01/09/1124]
As Scribe:
[20239] γνώσις καὶ ἐπί|γνωσις τ(ῶν) π(ατ)ριαρχικῶν | θρόνων [1124]
Bibliography S. Lucà 2001, Un codice greco del 1124 a Siracusa, Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Neoellenici (RSBN), 38, 69-94: 72-73
Comment Vogel-Gardthausen (166: 87) wrongly gives Georgios as the name of the scribe of ms. Syracuse, Biblioteca Arcivescovile Alagoniana 3.
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