Nikolaos Koukoubistianos of Crete < Greece (13th c.)

Name Nikolaos Koukoubistianos of Crete < Greece
(Self) designation
  • ἀβέλτερος
  • ἱερεύς
  • τλήμων
Date 13th c.
Attested dates and intervals 1285
Office hiereus
As Scribe:
OXFORD - Bodleian Library - Auct. T. 3.6 [1285]
As Scribe:
Comment - This person can also be found in PLP Add1 92434 (which replaces PLP VI.13387). The provenance (Crete) is uncertain.
- This scribe is referred to under different names in secondary literature: he is also called "Diadorites" (VGH 108.U), "Theodoros Koukoubistianos" (RGK I.130 and PLP VI.13387 - in its turn replaced by PLP Add1 92434 “Nikolaos”); Turyn (1980: 38-42) reads “Neilos”; see also Hutter (1982: 171).
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