Bardas (10th c.)

Name Bardas
Date 10th c.
Identification PMBZ, 22934: "Personenkennziffer: 20781"
As Subject:
[30549] καὶ βάρδας ὧδε τὴν τελευταίαν μ(έν)ει [12th c.]
As Subject:
[30518] Καὶ Βάρδας ὧδε τὴν τελευταίαν μένει
Bibliography M. Lauxtermann, 2003, Byzantine Poetry from Pisides to Geometres (vol. 1), Vienna: 314
Comment Lauxtermann (2003: 314): "Bardas probably died during the Cretan expedition of 961, or afterwards when the island had been recaptured from the Arabs."
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