Arsenios Apostolios (15th-16th c.)

Name Arsenios Apostolios
(Self) designation ἐπίσκοπος
Date 15th-16th c.
Attested dates and intervals 1468 - 1538
Office episkopos of Monemvasia < Laconia < Peloponnesos < Greece
As Related:
VIENNA - Österreichische Nationalbibliothek (ÖNB) - theol. gr. 197 [11th-15th c.]
As Poet:
[4798] Σῆμα τόδ' εὐνοίης μέγα κρήτης. ὦ πολιῆτα,
Bibliography G. Zoras, K. Yiavis, F. Pontani 2021, Greece, in F. Pontani, S. Weise (eds.), The Hellenizing Muse: A European Anthology of Poetry in Ancient Greek from the Renaissance to the Present, Berlin / Boston, 31-82: 33
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