Ignatios Methymnaeos

Name Ignatios Methymnaeos
As Poet:
[1865] Ἄκουε Δαβὶδ τοῦ παρ' ἡμῖν Ὀρφέως
Comment Lauxtermann (2003: 205, n.21): "In Ambros. B 106 sup. (a. 966–67) the epigram is attributed to
a certain Ignatios; given the obvious plagiarism (see main text) this author cannot be
Ignatios the Deacon, as Follieri tentatively suggests on pp. 107–108. Besides, as book
epigrams are almost always anonymous and as all the other mss. omit to mention the
author, the lemma attached to the epigram in the Ambrosian ms. does not seem very
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