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Manuscript(s) [13181] CAMBRIDGE - Trinity College - O 3.9 (bibliography)
Occurrence(s) [17651] χ(ριστ)ω τὸ δῶρον ἐκ νικήτα τοῦ λύχνου (bibliography)
Translation(s) of type(s) [2220] Χριστῷ τὸ δῶρον ἐκ Νικήτα τοῦ Λύχνου (bibliography)
Comment from the Polonsky Foundation Greek Manuscripts Project homepage:

"Since 2019 Cambridge University Library and Heidelberg University Library have been collaborating in a major project to digitise treasured medieval manuscripts. Funded by the Polonsky Foundation, we are digitising, cataloguing and conserving more than 800 medieval and early modern Greek manuscripts."

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