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Gregorios (12th c. - 13th c.) (thytes)
Date 03/08/1201
Bibliography D. Getov, 2014, A catalogue of the Greek manuscripts at the Ecclesiastical Historical and Archival Institute of the Patriarchate of Bulgaria. Bačkovo Monastery (vol. 1), Turnhout: 124-126
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 62002
Comment Getov (2014: 70) dates the manuscript in 1193 (based on the reading "ἔτους ˏϛψαʹ (ἰνδικτιῶ)νος αʹ"), but remarks that "it proved impossible to find a solution whereby the year would tally with its indiction". Instead, we think that both alpha's should be read as theta's, rendering the year 1201. This, however, does not provide a solution to the inconsistency between the year and the indiction.

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