ATHENS - Byzantino kai Christianiko Mouseio 204 (Β.Μ. 4116)

Content Biblica   > Novum Testamentum   > Evangeliarium  
Date 12th c.
Bibliography I. Spatharakis, 1981, Corpus of Dated Illuminated Greek Manuscripts to the year 1453. Text (vol. 1), Leiden: 39
Comment The manuscript does not contain folio numbers. The occurrence locations are based on the pagination and reproductions provided by the NTVMR repository (INTF, WWU Münster).

Fol. 35r contains a note written by hieromonachos Ioannikios Phouros in 1790, stating that 'the manuscript had been written 675 years earlier, in the year 6616 (1108) by the humble Ignatios' (see Spataharakis, 1981: 39).
Acknowledgements Information on the manuscript courtesy of Georgi Parpulov.

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