NEW YORK - Pierpont Morgan Library M.397

Content Miscellanea  
Date 976-1025
Identification Diktyon (Pinakes), 46625
Comment Content: a collection of secular short stories and fables (Kavrus-Hoffmann (2008: 101-104)).

Kavrus-Hoffmann (2008: 105): 'Four scribes, all anonymous: I, fols. 1r–29v; II, fols. 30r–57v; III, fols. 58r–60v; IV, fols. 61r–112v. Their hands are all similar to one another.'
Occurrences f. 1r [26957] Ἐρεῖτε οὖν μοι ἐντολῆς τί βελτίον [976-1025]

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